Project Overview

Our team was asked to address an overgrown retention pond that was failing to drain stormwater runoff effectively. The inadequate drainage was causing overflow issues, creating liability concerns in the adjacent parking lot and attracting the attention of local regulatory code

Scope of Work

Initially, we excavated the retention pond (60’x20’) to clear away the overgrown vegetation and debris as well as removed 4’ of sediment. Despite these efforts, the water in the parking lot was still not able to properly drain into the retention pond. Further investigation revealed that the roots of a tree were blocking the drainage pipe. To resolve this, we undertook the removal of the extensive root system. The sides of the retention pond were then graded, and the waste was removed from the premises. This comprehensive approach allowed the retention pond to function correctly, effectively managing the stormwater runoff.

By addressing both visible and underlying issues, we not only ensured proper drainage but also mitigated potential liabilities and regulatory concerns for our client. This project demonstrates our problem-solving ability and commitment to meeting our client’s needs.

Job Progress