Project Overview

We were asked to assess the asphalt at this location. We determined that the base of the pavement was in excellent condition, but the top layer required extensive repair. For this reason, an asphalt overlay was the optimal choice to extend its lifespan while maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Scope of Work

We began by removing the existing car stops and bump milling the entrances and exits to ensure a smooth transition. A tack coat was then applied to the pavement base to promote a strong bond between the existing surface and the new overlay. Next, we applied a layer of hot mix asphalt, which was placed, rolled, and compacted to 1-1/2 inches using a steel drum vibratory roll and 7- ton rubber tire traffic roller. After the overlay was complete, the parking lot was restriped to match the pre-existing layout using commercial grade DOT-approved marking paint. Finally, we reinstalled the existing car stops, replacing any that were in poor condition.

To minimize disruptions to the business and its customers, all work was conducted during off-hours. The outcome is a revitalized pavement that extends the surface’s useful life and significantly enhances its appearance. This reflects our dedication to high-quality construction and client satisfaction.

Job Progress