Project Overview

Our team received reports of multiple drain backups within the building, so we utilized a sewer camera to pinpoint the source of the problem. The culprit? A tree root had infiltrated the exterior drain line, causing a blockage. To address this issue effectively, it was necessary to remove the tree and replace the exterior drainpipe that extended from the building’s cleanout to the city tie-in.

Scope of Work

To replace the exterior drainpipe, we saw cut the concrete curb and 70 linear feet of asphalt 5 feet deep to expose the drainpipe. We removed the existing drainpipe, and a new drain line was installed using 4” Green C900 PVC piping, with two clean outs. Once replaced, the trench was filled, hot mix asphalt was used to patch the asphalt, and a new concrete curb was formed and poured. Per code, to mitigate the impact of the tree removal, several new trees were planted on the property.

Executing this task required careful planning to ensure minimal disruption to the business and its customers. As a result, the business was able to maintain its normal daily functioning. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering professional construction solutions with minimal inconvenience to our clients.

Job Progress