Project Overview

We were contracted to address issues with the property’s restroom facilities. Upon thorough investigation, it was determined that the existing septic system was failing to properly leech into the drain field. Initially, we considered tying into the city sewer system, but this option was not feasible due to the distance between the parcel and the tie in location. To remedy this issue, a new septic system and drain field would need to be installed. This required us to obtain permits through Pasco County for the electrical work and the Florida Health Department.

Scope of Work

First, we removed the existing drain field. The area was then prepared for the installation of a new, larger drain field. We installed a 1200-gallon precast septic tank and a 1050-gallon secondary tank, and we converted the existing 900-gallon septic tank into a dose tank. This setup included a new duplex panel control with 1/3 horsepower pumps, floats, and a check valve.

For the electrical work, we completed a directional bore beneath the parking lot asphalt and inserted a 2-inch sleeve for wiring. An electrician then added a single pole 30-amp breaker to the existing panel and ran wires from the panel through the building to an exterior wall-mounted junction box. The wiring was extended from the junction box through the underground sleeve to the disconnect box and finally to the internal pump control panel. Comprehensive testing of the system was conducted to ensure functionality. Additionally, we established a 930-square-foot drain field with duplex pumps that alternated 465-square-foot sections, including a 16-inch mound.

After the system was tested and inspections were completed, the area was backfilled and hand-graded to ensure a smooth surface. We also provided and installed approximately 3,200 square feet of Bahai sod to finish the project.

Operational Continuity

Throughout the scheduling and planning phase of the project, weekly septic pump outs were performed to keep the business, including its restroom facilities, operational. As a result of flawless execution by our team, the project was completed in just one day. This successful project highlights our commitment to providing efficient, minimally disruptive solutions for our clients.

Job Progress