BHI Services, Inc was recently named Top Building Maintenance Service Provider in Florida 2023 by Real Estate Business Review.  Our President, Ron Boehm, sat down with Max Wilson and discussed how BHI is creating a difference in the Building Maintenance Service space, the challenges faced and how they’re addressed, what gives BHI a competitive edge, and more.  Read on for the full story!

A Proactive Approach towards Commercial Property Maintenance

Property managers face the challenge of keeping commercial buildings in good condition while being constantly overloaded with work and assets. They wear many hats and juggle multiple establishments, creating a chaotic work environment that hinders their ability to deliver quality services. As a result, they often experience a loss of peace of mind. However, this issue can be resolved by collaborating with a partner that can help manage their properties’ maintenance and construction needs while reducing their workload and enabling high-quality maintenance of the commercial properties.

BHI Services, Inc. is revolutionizing the commercial maintenance space as Central Florida’s premier commercial and industrial property builder and maintenance specialist. It caters to clients with a wide range of specialized projects, from small repairs to large-scale maintenance services. BHI understands that clients struggle to complete assignments within their allocated budgets. Therefore, they understand how to collaborate closely with its clients to complete tasks within budget and in short turnaround times. BHI also brings flexibility to its work approach, addressing the tedious vendor management procedure that often hampers client work. It acts as a one-stop shop for various maintenance services, resolving issues and potential issues promptly and ensuring property managers receive timely and professional service.

“BHI offers a gamut of services that include custom maintenance reports, recurring services, and general maintenance repairs to help clients effectively manage and protect their portfolios,” says Ron Boehm, the president of BHI Services.

Its maintenance services range from parking lot sealing/striping, interior and exterior painting, and storm related repairs to electrical, plumbing, tenant improvements, and more. BHI can establish recurring service schedules to ensure constant maintenance of assets that require regular attention. Additionally, being a licensed contractor, it is capable of handling large projects, including those that require permitting which makes them unique.

BHI’s competitive edge lies in its unique proactive strategy, which allows it to customize services to meet each client’s specific needs. This approach positions it as a dependable, professional, and cost-effective one-stop shop for property managers. Its tagline, “We walk every inch of your property”, reflects its proactive approach to personally inspecting each property.

BHI goes beyond standard maintenance by capturing detailed snapshots of assets before and after work is done. It creates reports that enable property managers to quickly assess the state of their property, identify liabilities, and address any potential dangers or hazards. This emphasis on staying ahead of the situation rather than reacting to it sets BHI apart.

For instance, BHI identified a commercial building owner who had neglected routine maintenance on their lift stations, a requirement mandated twice a year by the state. Failure to comply would result in penalties ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 per lift location, and they owned 100 lifts. BHI stepped in, setting up a maintenance program and preventing a potential million-dollar loss. This level of high-quality service is reflected in the fact that 92 percent of BHI’s job flow comes from recurring clients and referrals.

With 30 years of experience in construction project management, BHI’s proactive approach and attention to detail truly make it the Top Building Maintenance Service Provider In Florida 2023.